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Jolywood: The largest TOPCon solar plant began operation

The Oman Ibri Ⅱ solar park project began operation in November, 2021. Billed as the largest TOPCon solar plant in the world and the largest utility scale project in Oman, the projects total capacity is 607 MW, of which 490 MW TOPCon bifacial modules are provided by Jolywood Solar.

The project is located near Ibri, the capital of Dhahirah Governorate, spans around 1154 hectares and costs 400 million dollars to build. The project was developed by Acwa Power and will generate about 1,300-gigawatt hours of power annually, which is expected to power up to 33,000 homes and remove 800,000 tons of carbon dioxide emissions annually, effectively relieve the pressure of peak power consumption and power shortage. The electricity generated by the project will be purchased by the Oman Power and Water Procurement Company (OPWP).

Considering the windy sand, wind erosion, large temperature difference in desert areas, ACWA chose Jolywood n-type bifacial module so as to overcome the harsh desert environment with high quality, high reliability product based on the latest technology.  

80%+ bifaciality, low degradation, high power

J-TOPCon 2.0 Niwa family module has bifaciality of over 80%. The third-party certification authority has compared the terrain environment with different module technical to generate power experiment, and verified the Niwa module has 16% power gain compared with regular module in desert region. Niwa module plays a great advantage of bifaciality in the desert, which greatly improves efficiency of generating power, reduces LCOE and improves project profitability.

Low temperature coefficient and double glass to resist heat and sand

The project is located in the Middle-east desert area, which has complex terrain, more dust storms and high temperatures of 40℃, which put forward higher requirements for the project construction and module quality and technology. With the low temperature coefficient of -0.32%/W, Niwa bifacial modules effectively reduce the degradation and risk caused by high temperature in the use of equipment. So the module can operate normally at 70℃, which perfectly solves the problem of power output for the project in the extreme desert climate.

30 years linear performance warranty

Jolywood partnered with MunichRe to offer fortified insurance protection that features 12-year coverage for its products’ materials and workmanship, as well as a 30-year linear performance warranty. To ensure product safety and security, to provide customers with high quality energy solutions and strong guarantee for the steady development of the project.

“Although the construction schedule of the project was seriously affected by CONVID-19,” the vice president of Jolywood Dr. Liu Zhifeng said,” Jolywood team overcome many difficulties and completed the delivery of customer products as the agreement, and provide professional technical services and support for the project, so that the project was successfully put into operation as schedule. We always put our commitment to customers first, and ensuring product quality alongside creating value for customers.

As the leader of TOPCon technology industrialization, Jolywood has rich TOPCon solar project experience all over the world. Jolywood has delivered more than 5GW TOPCon cells and modules to clients, of which 1 GW modules are provided to the Middle-east region, take the market accounts for more than 10%. It verified good power generated performance of TOPCon module and showed the recognition of customers for our products and services. Jolywood will always adhere to world-class quality standards, to promote energy transformation and sustainable development globally.

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