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Jolywood Solar promotes the standardization of 25%+ TOPCon mass production development

Today, ‘the 2nd China Photovoltaic Industry High Quality Development and Technical Standards Forum’ was held in Beijing by CHINA PHOTOVOLTAIC INDUSTRY ASSOCIATION (CPIA) and China Electronics Standardization Institute (CESI). Jolywood Solar was invited to share and discuss the development and standard of photovoltaic technology together with authorities, solar enterprises, and the third party certification authority, etc.

Driven by domestic policy and market demand, China photovoltaic industry has made great process and its goal has shift from ‘scale and speed’ to a new stage of ‘high quality and efficiency’. How to boost the high quality development of solar industry? How to promote the technology innovation and improve quality and efficiency by standardizing become a widespread concern of the industry. As the PERC efficiency approach its limited efficiency, n-type technology has catch the most attention in industry.

Jolywood deputy general manager and R&D director Dr. Chen Jia made a speech of ‘the key of n-type TOPCon cell mass production’ on the branch of n-type high efficiency cell technology forum, to introduce the technology development and product advantages of n-type cell and module from the technical perspective. He mentioned that it is necessary for industry to develop new standards for n-type technologies and products since new technological process, new materials and new equipment were applied to the n-type cell production line. Finally, Dr. Chen Jia introduced the scope, content, direction and plan of the standard of n-type crystalline silicon cell led by Jolywood, and put forward constructive suggestions based on Jolywood’s 6 years of dedicated research and application experience on n-type technology.

Since the company set up, Jolywood has become the pioneer of n-type technology field in solar industry, and has delivered more than GW products to multiple market. This September the laboratory conversion efficiency of Jolywood NTOPCon cells equipped with J-TOPCon 2.0 POPAID technology which is based on 182mm wafer has reached 25.4% and has certificated by National Institute of Metrology, China. Jolywood will proceed with developing the n-type technology and to set a good example in the industry.

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